TransformPicture 1.0.6

Scale and resize images with a simple tool


  • Supports drag and drop batch processing
  • Easy to use


  • No editing options or advanced features


TransformPicture is a simple utility for scaling, rotating and converting pictures. You can scale pictures by a given percentage or by specifying the pixel width or height of the resultant image.

TransformPicture also allows you to simultaneously convert to other graphic formats such as PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG200, GIF and PICT. In the preference window you can configure various settings but you can't create set templates for repeat resizing or rescaling jobs or. You can however define the settings to be implemented by default or use a percentage scaler to determine the width and length of each image prior to conversion.

On the plus side, it can process multiple images simultaneously simply by allowing you to drag a folder of images to your window or from the application in Finder. This makes batch processing of images an absolute breeze.

TransformPicture is a very easy to use and effective scaling tool which makes resizing images very simple indeed.

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TransformPicture 1.0.6

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